pmount hangs on autocompletion

Posted on Wed 09 May 2018 in misc • Tagged with tips&tricks


Bash autocompletion is very good thing if works. If doesn't, becames pain in the ass. Like in Debian's pmount - when you type '/dev/sdc' hit tab and wait forever.

Problem is described in many places (eg here and here), so why shouldn't I describe it once more?


Script …

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PG dump with update

Posted on Fri 09 March 2018 in postgres • Tagged with tips&tricks

Many times, I need to edit some value in particular row in table. The easiest way is to use pgAdminIII - however I don't use it, I'm addicted to psql.

Consider such table:

maho=# CREATE TABLE example(id SERIAL, vals VARCHAR);
maho=# INSERT INTO example(vals) VALUES('some string …

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