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Pycon2022 is alive!

Posted on wto 08 listopada 2022 in conferences

PyconPL 2022 has finished 2 days ago. It's terrific that this conference is still alive. It's not as splendid as I remember it at 2018, but in merite meaning it's still way better than PyconCZ, which was very fine though. And it's way better in any meaning than PyconFR 2019.

The talk of Miro Hrončok Making sudo pip safe again was the most interesting. Also Wojtek Rząsa delivered very good From HTTP to Kafka-based microservices (There and Back Again?). Very interesting analysis of various corner-cases of asynchronicity. The Development with Apache Spark: Scala vs. PySpark of Jacka Kołodzieja is also worth mentioning.

I was also there, with my Szczuciem psa (micro)pythonem.

ja przy prezentacji foto by Jacek Kołodziej

And fun fact - Gliwice is a city like many others. However it has something which I don't understand. The state of bicycle infrastructure is like I remember from Lublin near year 2000. Which means 2 bicycle lanes crossing in the middle of the city and that's all.

I would say that it's even worse, because you have no way to secure your bike by locking it to something. It's not that there is no modern bike stand. There is also no oldschool wheel-puller bike racks. There is also no steel fences no barriers which I could use as thing to mount my bike. It's locking-bike-desert.

Eg. square behind Congress Center looks like that: (screen from Google Maps - I've lost my photos somehow)

pusty plac

As you can see, there is absolutely no place to lock a bike.

I had to walk quite a distance, to find a road sign, behind the wall. I have mounted my bike to it's rod.

rower przypięty do znaku

I wonder if it's because nobody steals bikes in Gliwice, or in contrary - they steal so much that there is no point to invest in locking bikes?